The cute, the rad & the lovely.

What we offer is a creative and bespoke design and production service that is tailored to your requirements,
along with 
great design advice that promotes individuality.

We are a team of 2, allowing us to focus on individual clients and their needs on a more intimate basis, rather than mass-producing items.
All items are handmade and hand-painted, assembled and shipped to you.

Launched in 2015, Papermoon is a home-based studio in Northcliff .

We have an awesome online shop full of products, ideas and awesomeness.
Most of our items are made-to-order, handcrafted, 
locally sourced and unique.

Our minds are full of unique ideas – if standing out is your thing, give us a ring!



Graphic Designer & Creator

I started Papermoon to help people like me get the most unique items out of life – I know what it is like to not find my
name on a key-chain at the gift shop.

I challenge myself ‘design-wise’ on a daily basis. My brain never switches off. I figured – why not begin
making items like this for other people in the world? Perhaps my contribution to life is ART & HAPPINESS.

I specifically chose to help small/medium businesses get the most out of their personality by helping with branding/logo/packaging design, however, I spend a large majority of designing for weddings & special events as
there is a big need for creating a brand out of love. We have a diverse country and many unique couples being introduced to the world – no ‘mass-produced crap’ will cut it for my clients!



Artist & Owner of Painted Moon

I like reading, listening to music, but more importantly the arts – traditional artists, the dutch masters, pottery,
painting and creating. I have always been curious about all things creative, I try everything at least once.

I gave up my job in I.T. to pursue a life of creativity. I love to stay at home with all my pets, conjuring up
new designs – whether it be watercolour painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, ceramic play, stencils,
printing & making – especially with ProCreate on my favourite IPad. I also teach ART therapy at a rehabilitation centre.

I started Painted Moon to help clients with organizing their lives through creating cute labels,
custom illustrations and I assist Papermoon with bespoke designs and run the studio alongside Rochelle.

With machines at our disposal such as a sticker printer, a vinyl cutter, many digital printing machines, a laser cutter,
a kiln, and knowledge of fine art – we can bring anything to life.