Digital (Flat printing)

Digital printing is the most common, cost-effective, and simplest printing method available.

It’s pretty similar to the laser printer you have at work, except that most industrial digital printers are gigantic, and can handle printing on
a wider range of thicker cards & paper!

Digital printers have come a long way and can produce a pretty wide range of rich colors.

Cards can cost as little as R10 per piece when ordering in bulk.

You can upgrade with a great variety of specialist papers that we offer. See photos below of our paper range.

Digital White Printing (SPOT/UV PRINTING)

We are able to offer white ink and full color ink printing
on colored paper, envelopes,
acrylic signs and invitations as well as wood.

It costs a little more than regular digital printing,
but creates a beautiful effect! By printing white ink and
then printing color on top, you can also get a rich
print job at a relatively economical price
(especially for those wood and acrylic invites!).


Digital Foiling

This is a type of printing that uses heat to adhere foil to paper.

It’s a cheaper alternative to true stamped foil (plate method).

Unlike stamped foil (below), digital foil is completely flat,
and the detail isn’t as crisp, and only some papers like to be foiled
this way.

It is also limited in combining prints such as colour printing with foil –
where this would be printed twice to reflect both options.

The pros are that you can do once-off jobs without breaking the bank.

Foil Stamping (Plate method)

Foil is a great way to add some glam to any invitation!
Foil adds class and brightens up the design with metallic flare.
It catches the light in a way ink doesn’t.
Foil also comes in a wide variety of colours!

Foil is usually applied the same way as letterpress, using a
metal plate to press the design to be foiled into the paper with an adhesive agent.

Combine printing types to save on cost.
If you really want foil or letterpress, get one color done and do the rest in digital printing.
This way you can have the best of both worlds. 

Costing depends on what would need to be foiled,
the size and amount of presses/cards.

Laser Cut

If you really want to make an impression, you can get your invitations laser cut.

This technique uses no ink, but instead cuts away paper to create the design and the words.
Intricate laser cutting looks like lace and makes a big first impression!

For laser cutting, the price depends on how long each piece takes to cut.
So the more intricate the design, the more it’ll cost.
Your paper also depends on the final costing, while we prefer to laser cut wood,
perspex and metallic papers, we are also able to cut on normal printed papers
– there are slight burn marks on lighter papers such as white/ivory.

Our die-cutting is produced this way.