Terms & Conditions

Artwork Fees


Commencement of Work:

Agreement to work with, and submission of a design brief and payment of deposit to Papermoon constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions.


The designer can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:30pm. Alternatively email is best: info@papermoon.co.za.


Payment schedule

The client will make a payment first for custom orders and send proof of payment to info@papermoon.co.za.
Only 50% deposit is required for custom stationery and branding.  All shop items are 100% payment before artwork confirmations are sent.

The project can be scheduled once the payment is received by Papermoon. Once research, resources allocated or design work has commenced on a project, this deposit is non-refundable.

Wedding Invitations

Most orders require 50% payment before commencement of work and the balance payable prior to delivery. This depends on material/supply/process of designing the invitation.  Some items that require outsourcing may require 100% payment upfront. It is up to the designer to confirm payment that is needed upfront before commencement of work. Balance to be completed once the job has been signed off by client and goods will be delivered upon payment of receipt. (Either by postage, drop off or collection)

Should additional design not initially quoted for be requested during the design process, a progress payment will be payable prior to further work being carried out. Otherwise, all additional costs will be added to the final invoice, payable prior to delivery of design files.

A fee of R150 per hour is charged on extra design work and will be calculated by the hour.  Papermoon shall not be liable for any failure or delay in supply or delivery of products/services where such failure or delay is wholly or partly due to any cause or circumstances whatsoever outside the reasonable control of Papermoon. Including but not limited to war, natural disasters, strikes, lockouts, industrial disputes or unrest, government restrictions or transport delays, fire, power outages, INTERNET/CONNECTION MALFUNCTIONS, failure attributable to hosting suppliers, breakdown of plant, theft, vandalism, riots, civil commotions, accidents of any kind or act of terrorism.

Exchange terms and conditions:

An exchange will only take place if the items s received in the same condition as it was posted. THIS EXCLUDES WEDDING STATIONERY/INVITATIONS.

Shipping costs will not be refunded and you will be invoiced for extra shipping of the new item exchanged.
All shipping is done in good faith.

We make use of The Courier guy, please send us your postal address for an accurate shipping quotation.
3-5 business days to receive your parcel.

If you require urgent delivery, please let us know when you place your order.

Approval of Final Artwork

While Papermoon takes all care to avoid errors, Papermoon  accepts no responsibility for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, or incorrect information on any project committed to print or production.
It is the “Client” responsibility to proof read and approve all final copy before the production of artwork.
The email verification of the Client’s representative shall be conclusive as to the approval of all artwork prior to their release for printing, implementation or installation.
No refunds or reprints are given after a final approved design has gone to print due oversights by “The Client’s” proof reading.

Print refunds and returns

It is agreed that Papermoon is not responsible or held liable for any errors contained in the final product after the final product has been approved by the client, (approval may be given in writing), committed to print or posted in view of the public. Papermoon will not be held responsible for and changes or amendment made after approval. It is the sole responsibility of thE client to notify Papermoon of any such errors during the revision cycle and before the final files have been generated.

In the event of a need to reprint due to errors in content, the client must inform Papermoon within 3 days of product acceptance, and must return the product (at the cost of the client) within 10 days of acceptance for assessment.

As with all print projects, payment for re-printed project MUST be prepaid.

Print – Colour Variations

With all printing there may be some colour variations from what you have seen on screen to what the final product looks like and previous orders. This is due to the nature of CMYK printing and bulk-run printing system. There will be no reprints at the expense of Papermoon.

Delayed payment

If, after the project has commenced, subsequent invoices are not paid within 30 days, a 5 percent “delayed payment” fee will be charged. This initial 5 percent figure will be added upon each recurring 30 day period until the full amount has been received by Papermoon.


If after project commencement client communication (face-to-face, telephone, or email) stops for a period of 30 days, the project can be cancelled, in writing by
Papermoon, and ownership of all products shall be retained by Papermoon.

A cancellation fee for work completed shall be paid by the client, with the fee based on the stage of project completion. The fee will not exceed 100 percent of the total project cost.


Samples of work for Digital Media:
Papermoon shall have the right to photograph all completed designs or installations and shall have the right to use such photographs for publication, exhibition, or other promotional purposes. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHARE THESE IMAGES ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

Indemnity: The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Papermoon from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorneys’ fees and costs, but only to the extent caused by, arising out of, the work supplied by Papermoon.


This proposal assumes goodwill from both Papermoon  and “The Client” regarding:

• What can reasonably be achieved in a given time frame
• Making best use of resources to achieve the most effective outcomes


Graphic design, strategy, photography, craftsmanship, woodwork, paper crafts, illustration and marketing are all highly creative and subjective art forms.

As such Papermoon takes every possible care with professional advice offered and any suggested creative concepts and/or their implementation, however Papermoon cannot be held responsible for variations between expectation and outcome.


A document containing the above terms and conditions will be supplied via email along with the first invoice.

Acceptance should be stated in an email reply/CONFIRMATION OF QUOTATION, FOLLOWED BY PAYMENT OF INVOICE.