If you are looking for a way to personalise your guest’s thank you tags and to add a heartfelt note to each of your guest’s gifts without breaking the bank – here is a printable suited just for you! Pretty up those gifts with a free botanical thank you tag downloadable from Papermoon Collective.

A vintage botanical styled thank you tag is a wonderful topping to a gift if you require it – giving you the option of colour paper to print on, and unlimited options in how you would like to tie the tag on to the gift. A section for you to write down each guest’s names and a few lines where you can note a warm thank you from you and your groom are available on each tag.

Be sure to use sharp scissors or a Craft Knife for accurate cutting. If you do not have a single punch, you can use a normal desktop punch/craft punch (5mm diameter). There are 12 tags per A4 sheet.

Items Needed:

Papermoon Collective DIY Botanical Thank you Tags – A4 (There’s 12 tags per A4 sheet, so print as many as you need.)
Any thick colour paper (220gsm)
Craft Knife/Scissors
Cutting Mat/Hard surface suitable for cutting
Steel Ruler
Jute rope (or any ribbon, twine, thread of choice) – 30cms for each tag
Single Punch/Desktop punch/Craft Punch – 5mm
Pen for writing note (Black/Metallic)
Time Needed: 20 – 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy



  1. 1.  Print out your sheets of Papermoon Collective’s downloadable DIY Botanical Thank You Tags on sturdy coloured paper/card stock. You can also pay a visit to your closest printing company, and have them print it out for you for a better finish.


2.  Using a craft knife and steel ruler (or scissors), cut out the tags on a cutting mat following the grey lines.


3. Take your single punch/Desktop punch/Craft punch and punch a hole at the top of the tag in the center, in line with the circle.


4.  Cut 30cm Jute Rope (or ribbon, etc) for each tag.


5.  Fold the rope in half and feed the folded end of rope through the hole in the tag, from back of tag to the front.


6.  Feed the two ends of rope through the loop at the top of the tag.


7.  You have a complete tag, ready to address to each guest.


8.  Tie your thank you tags on to your guest’s wedding favours/gifts!


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