Submit your own design: Custom Brass Wax Stamp


Traditional and most convenient way of creating wax seals for your stationery with your own unique design.

How does it work?  We require a high quality black and white PDF/VECTOR of the design or logo you would like on your stamp.
JPG/PNG/BMP images will not work.
We will send you final artwork for approval before we do the engraving.

Please make sure of your design size before selecting wax seal size. (ie, initials and less complicated monograms can work on all sizes, however more complex designs and family crests work on 30mm artworks and up, with family crests working perfectly on 40mm stamps).



Brass stamps with custom design (we will match to your reference/current stationery fonts)
-wooden handle
-engraved brass logo/design

Additional information

Brass Stamp Sizes

25mm Initials, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm