Marbling effect is an ancient technique that was very popular in Japan – known as Suminagashi (Ancient Art of Japanese Marbling).

The marble effect is created by soaking paper with ink in water, or creating marbled colour textures with paint and a roller – or by dipping the paper in swirled paint.

Marbled designs bring a more artistic style to your wedding, but can also be quite subtle, stylish and easy on the eye.  A good clean marble design will take your wedding invitations far!  There are three types of techniques to add marble to your wedding stationery.

1: Print

Adding marbled textures to print designs is most cost effective.  You can add texture by selecting the right paper for the print.

2: Ink in water

This is a process where the designer “floats” ink in water and dips the paper to create a marble effect.  This means that each dipped paper will return different results.  Each piece will be unique.

3: Marbled Paint

This is a process where the designer will use different coloured paint, swirl the colours to create a marble effect, and dip/roll the paint on to each paper.

Each piece will also be unique with this process.  Drying time will be longer if paint is used.

View my favourite marbled wedding stationery picks, here:

Papermoon Marble Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Featured Image: Marbled Textured Paper Invitation with Matching Envelope Liner and Foiled in Gold – by Papermoon Collective