Firstly, let me just give a big thank you to Isabe for letting us create this wonderful proposal ring box.  Not only is it a dream to be able to create awesome items for people, but out of the box items are what I crave.  She found me, asked me,  and I fully accepted the challenge!

This process started on the 15th of April.  It took about a month’s worth of conversation, planning, and then another month to put everything together.

The theme: 8-bit

Upon concluding the design, measuring out the materials for Hendri to compile the box, as well as setting up designs for engraving, I was finally able to assemble the finer details and present the box to Isabe.

It was great having Isabe fully immersed in this project with me.  I was able to get a great idea of what she envisioned the final product to look like, and she put a lot of thought in to her planning.
As with the leap year tradition, she proposed to her boyfriend! They are now happily engaged.

The location: Cape Town – where they shared their first kiss.

The box: Made from Mahogany Wood and an insert of Birch Wood – which rests as a keepsake on a wooden pedestal.
The velvet inserts and wooden separator can be removed to be used as a larger container for jewelry items.

If you are confused by the DB initial monogram – Dewald and Belle (Isabe) 😀