COVID-19 and what that means for weddings going forward
– even after lockdown (and what to do with paper goods
already printed with your original wedding date).


We began a three-week lockdown on March 27th 2020 in efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) currently affecting all countries around the globe, with weddings and events immediately on hold until further notice.  The effect the spread of this disease has had on weddings in South Africa (and the rest of the world) is indeed heartbreaking for most, specifically those who were around the corner from their own wedding dates.

What does this mean for weddings in future?

  • We will begin to see a rise in “intimate weddings”.
    Perspectives change in light of weddings where some brides are choosing to downscale.
  • Restaurants and smaller venues become a key element in these elevated elopements.
  • Focus shift on budget-friendly options for wedding details. More DIY projects for brides who are planning their own wedding.
  • More weekday weddings.
  • A new-norm for wedding culture and those affected by the current epidemic could result in less physical contact at weddings between guests.
  • Live-streaming weddings and unions. 

My wedding date is cancelled, what can I do?
(and what to do with your stationery if you have goods printed with your original wedding date).

Notify your closest guests of your new proposed wedding date. Send a digital change the date card to those who have email/whatsapp and call the less ‘tech-savy’ family members. If you have a wedding website you can consider changes on there and update guests.

Do not throw away your stationery! If your original wedding date is on your printed goods, there could be solutions to hide the old date and have the new date on display. Utilizing stickers, wax seals, or flowers to cover elements – there is always a solution! Also, do not feel the need to HAVE TO hide the old date. If you are unable to, let it serve as a reminder of the challenges you have faced that has made you as a couple that much stronger.

My wedding planning is on hold, what can I do?

What you can do as a bride during this time of uncertainty is find fun resources that can expel the negativity and inspire your creativity! Utilize this time to focus on you and whatever is important to you – cut out what doesn’t tickle your fancy – and divulge in planning, fun ideas, cost-saving tips, inspiration and more.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the upcoming wedding season with cool new trends and inspiration to incorporate in your wedding.

Alternative Materials
Stationery and décor now have a whole new platform. See leather, textured paper, acrylics, stone and other elements used in a variety of visually pleasing designs. Expect more boxed invitations and abstract wedding pieces. Cool tip: Use wedding bells instead of wedding confetti for a sustainable wedding option.

Antique & Botany
Old school beautiful botany. A vintage appeal with flora and fauna. Greenery has a new take this year with pressed florals, botanica, vintage labels and antique pieces.

Branded Weddings
You guessed it! Your wedding logo/monogram design on everything! Here are a couple of cool ideas on where your monogram can be used.

Our stars have aligned. Need I say more? Nothing in the universe is as romantic as star-crossed lovers!

Classical Art
Classical music, romantic imagery, script fonts, wax seals, big bows, velvet and all things luxurious. Let them eat cake!

Times are changing, people are busy, and sometimes sending an email is better than all the fuss of paper. There is something for everyone. Whether it be save the dates, announcements, wedding invitations or wedding websites – endless possibilities.

Open frames, marble textures and geometric shapes still dominate the modern wedding scene. Perfect for the minimalist.

Laser cut
This great method of adding flourish to your wedding keeps reinventing itself, not only for laser cut envelopes, but laser cutting can be paired with printing and engraving and is still a great way of adding depth to stationery and decor.

Mid-Century Modern
Mustard yellows, rust browns, tassels and all that 70’s feel can bring. Bring out that vintage credenza for a snazzy cocktail area, utilize persian carpets or patterns to pair with this groovy palette.

In line with the travel theme – sea lovers unite with marine inspired décor, stationery and wedding favours.
Tie the knot and rock the boat!

Stained Glass
A kaleidoscope of colour, light and warmth! Accessorize your wedding with the beauty of stained and coloured glass.

Time for celebration! Fun, shiny & festive. A chic way of adding that touch of glam to your wedding day, in a different way. Disco balls, tinsel jackets and curtains, glitter confetti – feels like a case of Saturday Night Fever.

The return to tradition, and we know SA has plenty of it! We focus more on our roots and heritage, and incorporate these elements into décor and stationery.

Acrylic and vellum are so adaptable, not only for wedding invitations but also for super beautiful wedding decor and installations. Acrylic and vellum can be paired with most colour palettes, and looks beautiful with nude tones.

Unexpected Colour Palettes
Break the norm and pair up some of these exciting palettes – find new palettes by pairing unexpected colours together and experiment with new styles.

Watercolour and Illustrations 
Envision a cute custom couple portrait of you and your significant other, maybe even add your pet  – watercolour elements and custom illustrations are the perfect way to customize your wedding.