A new year and a WHOLE bunch of new trends (and revives of the old) are served right here – ready for you to indulge in the latest and greatest stationery and design trends of 2019!

So… You’re a little stumped at what style you like. You have been back and forward on Pinterest boards, Google searches and ideas sent by your BFF. What to do, what to do?

Well, now is not the time to feel overwhelmed. Below are the categories you will find BLOOMING this year for your wedding stationery.

NB. Although the below are representations of design trends for this year by leaders of the industry, this does not mean your own personal style didn’t make the list! Have fun in designing and conceptualizing and adapt to your own style! <3


We normally make use of directional/map cards in wedding invitation suites, but it is the year of making geography POP!
(Above – spread from The Wedding Album December 2019 – A combination invitation and map card for a destination wedding) Designed by Papermoon.


Colours are truly important to planning a wedding. In-fact, this is probably one of your top three choices before even finding a venue. Colours play a unique roll in design, so no wonder Navy is such a popular colour. The “new black” of 2018 rolls over to 2019 in spectacular fashion. We envision Navy being the ultimate pillar of masculinity finding its way-in to the world of florals and pretty dresses!


Daring, but beautiful! Mixing metallic accents and colours together doesn’t necessarily always have to match. Try complementary tones and mix and match for the ultimate aesthetic. Combinations of champagnes, rust and silvers can accent any stationery design.


Another oldie but a boldie! Wreaths and blooms follow us into 2019. Whether it be on the entire invitation, the wedding monogram, or design elements featured here and there – it is sure to attract the right amount of attention.


Wedding logos and interlocking monograms are a really great way of adding that EXTRA bit to your wedding stationery. A wedding logo/monogram can be used on all applications of wedding stationery.
You can emboss it, foil it, stamp it, seal it, stick it on the venue floor. A wedding logo is JUST like a company logo, except only for a party of two!

Best thing about a wedding logo/monogram – you get to keep it forever and use it as your own brand for life.


If specific shapes and different sizes with unique detail is what you are looking for, look no further than the awesomeness of Laser!

From engraved acrylic/wooden invitations, to laser cut detail in acrylic/wood – the laser cutter is an ideal friend for those willing to think out of the box for their stationery.


We all want to improve the way the world uses its resources. Because the wedding industry is such a huge market, more and more brides and designers are finding ways of recycling and reusing paper and other materials that do not leave a mark on the earth. Biodegradable options for stationery such as recycled paper, wood, handmade details and upcycled materials are the way to go for the Eco-Friendly bride.


For some of the Brides out there, lightness doesn’t agree with us. Daring bold colours with botanical/floral envelope liners and accents surprise us this Summer. Perfect for the edgy and romantic wedding.


2019 starts off with a BANG for illustrated and watercolour invitations. From bespoke couple illustrations and logos, to accented envelopes and envelope liners – what could go wrong with a fully illustrated invitation? NOTHING!


If there is anything we love at our studio, it sure is anything to do with the heavenly bodies. Holographic foiling, stars, moons and the sky are all taking part in this year’s festivities. Now that our stars have aligned, we hope you have a grand time finding your ultimate design love!

In-case you thought we forgot – 2019 COLOUR TRENDS!